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ESG-X Factor Indices

The STOXX® ESG-X Factor Indices provide sustainability-driven investors with ESG-screened indices that can target similar levels of factor exposures as the STOXX Factor Indices, while also controlling for unintended exposures.

Factor Indices

Bringing together the powerful indexing and analytics capabilities of Qontigo, the new STOXX Factor Index suite delivers more clarity to the market for factor investors by relying on the institutionally tested analytics of Axioma Factor Risk Models.

ESG derivatives on STOXX European benchmarks

The global trend of responsible investing opens up a new chapter with the launch of ESG derivatives on STOXX most traded European equity indices: STOXX® Europe 600 & EURO STOXX® 50. Explore ESG Derivatives here.

ESG-X Benchmarks

The suite offers ESG-X versions of global, regional and emerging markets benchmarks, including ESG-X versions of the EURO STOXX 50® and the STOXX® Europe 600. Explore STOXX ESG - X indices here.


DAX® sets the new benchmark for sustainable German equity portfolios. The DAX® 50 ESG index employs two complementary approaches to incorporate ESG principles into the selection criteria:

  • The index features standardized negative screens for companies that are involved in controversial activities - controversial weapons, military contracting, nuclear power, thermal coal, tobacco - or fail the standardized ESG screens within the Global Standard Screening.
  • The methodology considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores in the stock selection.

About STOXX Indices

STOXX is Qontigo’s global index provider, currently calculating a global, comprehensive index family of over 10,000 strictly rules-based and transparent indices.

About Axioma Analytics

Qontigo provides Axioma analytic tools for portfolio construction, factor risk modeling, and performance attribution to over 300 investment management firms.

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