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Der iSTOXX® Global Climate Change ESG NR Decrement 4.5 % bietet Zugang zu einem Portfolio, das sich auf einem Dekarbonisierungskurs befindet und der EU-Klima-Benchmark-Verordnung entspricht.
The iSTOXX® Global Climate Change ESG NR Decrement 4.5% offers exposure to a portfolio on a decarbonization pathway and is compliant with the European Union Climate Benchmarks regulation.
Der idDAX 50 ESG NR Decrement 4,0% kann als Basiswert für strukturierte Produkte genutzt werden, die ein Engagement in führende Unternehmen im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit am deutschen Aktienmarkt bieten. Der Decrement-Mechanismus ermöglicht es Emittenten, Kupon- oder Kapitalschutzbedingungen für ihre Kunden zu verbessern.
The idDAX 50 ESG NR Decrement 4.0% can be used to underlie structured products offering exposure to sustainability leaders in the German equity market. The decrement mechanism allows issuers to improve the coupon or capital-protection terms offered to clients.
Changes were announced as part of the June regular review for the DAX 50 ESG, DAX ESG Target and DAX indices.
As the EURO iSTOXX Ocean Care 40 is named Index of the Year by SRP, we dive deeper into the drivers behind the launch of the thematic index. We talk to Céline Jaquelin, responsible for French Institutional Clients at SILEX, Qontigo’s partner in the design of the Ocean Care indices.
Futures on the EURO STOXX Banks Dividend Points Index are trading between 7.9% and 23% below their pre-war prices, depending on the maturity, even as equity prices recover. Traders have raised expectations that a slowing economy may hit lenders’ ability to continue or increase their payments to shareholders.
Changes were announced as part of the March regular review for the DAX 50 ESG, DAX ESG Target and DAX indices.
The offering breaks fresh ground in indexing and brings a smart and robust strategy to enhance structured products at a time when the implied dividends market has challenged the industry. The indices, which have been exclusively licensed to Citi, enable the structured-product issuer to remove any single-name dividend risk from their books and deliver more attractive product terms to clients and end investors.
STOXX has launched an innovative index that allows a systematic investment in the best-performing mutual funds across various asset classes, bringing in a strictly rules-based alternative to active fund selection.
STOXX has licensed the EURO iSTOXX® 50 Low Carbon NR Decrement 3.75% Index to Banca IMI to underly the first1 structured products distributed in Italy tracking a low-carbon strategy.
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