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After a year of factors performing generally in line with expectations, more US model factors are now producing returns that fall into the top or bottom 15% of monthly values recorded since the model’s inception—a pattern we have not seen since November 2020.
Last quarter we discussed how markets seem to have decoupled. That has continued in Q4 as risk rose in the US (now among the riskiest markets but just around its long-term median) but was flat or fell in others.
Qontigo has introduced a Carbon Emission Price factor within the Axioma Worldwide Macroeconomic Projection Equity Factor Risk Model (“Macro Projection Model”).
The latest addition to our expanding risk model suite is a Carbon Emission Price factor. With sustainability playing an increasingly important role in investor decision making, the new factor tracks a stock’s sensitivity to carbon-emissions prices. The factor is calculated by using the one-year node from the Axioma Constant Maturity Futures Curve based on the European Carbon Emission Allowances (EUA) futures traded on the European Energy Exchange (EEX).
Chris Huemmer, Northern Trust Asset Management’s Senior Investment Strategist, discusses his firm’s innovative ETFs tracking multi-factor, ESG and climate strategies, and the role of an index provider in wrapping up a holistic investment approach.
Qontigo has been named as the category winner for both factor modeling and portfolio optimization by Chartis Research in its inaugural STORM50 (Statistical Techniques, Optimization frameworks and Risk Models) Report.
A new Qontigo whitepaper analyzes the risk, performance and returns attribution of four indices tracking technology themes, uncovering specific characteristics of the portfolios and differences vis-à-vis the broader technology sector and the overall market.
In this paper we analyzed four tech-oriented thematic indices' performance and risk through a factor lens leveraging Axioma’s Worldwide Fundamental Factor Model, and also compared their characteristics to the broad market indices.
The best risk model is the one most closely aligned to your strategy. That’s why Qontigo offers you a range of Equity Factor Risk Models connected as a single linked risk model.
The new futures track 12 STOXX® Industry Neutral Ax Factor Indices covering the European and US markets, which employ an optimized methodology to control factor exposures, diversification and tradability. Zubin Ramdarshan from Eurex and Qontigo’s Hamish Seegopaul explain why the futures offer a unique vehicle for market participants seeking factor-based strategies.
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