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The collapse of technology stocks this past month may signal the end of another tech bubble, similar to the bursting of the dot-com bubble. In search of some insights, we compared the conditions that led to the formation of both the current technology bubble (2016-2021) and the dot-com bubble (1995-2001).
Another tech bubble may be about to burst, triggering a US recession. There are multiple similarities between the current tech bubble and the dot-com bubble. This time, however, the Fed cannot leverage interest-rate cuts to put the brakes on a market decline, due to the current record-high inflation combined with low interest rates.
The US market soared in November, producing one of the highest monthly returns since at least 1982. With regard to factor returns, the month started out fairly slowly. But things changed on November 9, when it started to look like the pandemic could end someday. 
Many quant managers are having a tough go of it this year. While one might blame factors in general, their returns do not tell the whole story (or even the bulk of the story).
To say that fundamental style factor returns have been unusual this past week would be the understatement of the year—the decade, in fact.
Money flowing into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Asia is expected to continue unabated in 2018, as the growing popularity for the low-fee products pushes assets to new records.
Lukas Smart, Head of US iShares Sustainable and Factors Product Segments, and Arun Singhal, Qontigo’s Global Head of Index Product Management, discuss the recent update to BlackRock’s multi-factor offering and the outlook for factor investing.
The Japanese yen and Swedish krona have fared worse than the pound, but their volatilities have retreated; UK Exchange Rate Sensitivity Returns have been highly negative; UK leads the pack in 12-month return, but only in local currency.
We caught up with Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity & Index Product Design at Eurex, and Yang Wang, Head of Thematic Index R&D at Qontigo, to learn more about the first-ever listing of thematics derivatives at the Frankfurt-based exchange.
UK ‘mini’ budget boosts yields and flattens Gilt curve; Third ‘jumbo’ Fed hike propels dollar to fresh 20-year high; Portfolio risk soars as correlations intensify.
Please join us for a discussion of the risk environment, style factor returns, correlations, and other related topics in our Quarterly Insight webinar.
The outcome of the STOXX Global ESG Leaders’ annual review is out. Qontigo’s broadest benchmark tracking the highest ESG-scoring companies now comprises 425 constituents: 280 from Europe, 79 from North America and 66 from Asia/Pacific.
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