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The war in Ukraine has hit the various business sectors in the equity market in different ways. In contrast, themes such as infrastructure, clean energy transition and cybersecurity have emerged as outperformers. A new whitepaper from Qontigo’s Applied Research team analyzes this divergent performance and what it says about asset-allocation approaches.
Qontigo has licensed the iSTOXX Global NexGen Communication Innovative Technology Index to Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co. Ltd. (Yuanta SITC) in Taiwan.
Eurex, one of the world’s leading derivatives exchanges, has introduced a new segment with the launch of its first thematic index futures.
The Qontigo Investment Intelligence Summit held on May 5 was the stage for a discussion around index-based thematic investing. Two industry experts — from BlackRock and Qontigo — explained why assets are flowing into thematics and why the strategies can best target the upside of a world undergoing structural change.
In the fifth anniversary of the launch of the first thematic ETFs resulting from the collaboration between BlackRock and Qontigo, we reflect on the performance of seven strategies covered in this partnership: Automation & Robotics, Ageing Population, Digitalization, Electric Vehicles, Digital Security, Healthcare Innovation and Smart City Infrastructure.
Rick Redding of the Index Industry Association (IIA) and Qontigo’s Arun Singhal discuss what role indices will play in an asset-management industry increasingly veering towards sustainability considerations in the portfolio-construction process.
Manuela Sperandeo, BlackRock’s EMEA Head of Sustainable Indexing, discusses her firm’s investment mandate tracking the iSTOXX APG World Responsible Low-Carbon SDI Index, and explains how using indices can enhance transparency, efficiency and predictability in the construction process of a climate-aware and sustainable portfolio.
Qontigo has licensed two climate, sustainability and factor-focused STOXX indices to FlexShares, part of Northern Trust Asset Management, as underlyings for exchange traded funds (ETFs).
A new Qontigo whitepaper compares the composition, risk profile and performance of the STOXX® Global Millennials and STOXX® Global Ageing Population indices, two thematic indices that help investors target companies most exposed to these two very distinct cohorts.
A new Qontigo whitepaper analyzes the risk, performance and returns attribution of four indices tracking technology themes, uncovering specific characteristics of the portfolios and differences vis-à-vis the broader technology sector and the overall market.
The world’s share of responsibly managed assets continued to expand in the two years through 2019, according to one of the most comprehensive industry studies. US-based ESG assets jumped 42% during the period. In Europe, sustainable assets dropped amid higher standards of what constitutes an ESG investment.
As part of our continuing series on highlighting the real-world use cases of the Sustainable Development Investment Asset Owner Platform (SDI AOP) data, we spoke to AustralianSuper’s Andrew Gray, Director ESG and Stewardship. Andrew shares his insights on the value the SDI AOP data is providing to his organization.
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