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Many investors want to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals in their portfolios. This blog shows that it is possible to create a portfolio that significantly improves the exposure to SDGs without taking on too much active risk.
Eli Levy, co-chief executive officer of More Investment House, talks to us about a new ETF tracking the STOXX Europe 600 Low Carbon Index.
If the theme of the first quarter was the COVID 19-induced shock, then the second quarter’s theme was disjointedness. For factor indices, this led to mixed results.
We have often discussed in recent months how company factor exposures — most notably to market sensitivity (aka beta) — had turned topsy-turvy, a result not only of the market plunge but also as investors sorted out their expectations for relative winners and losers of the COVID pandemic.
The global financial crisis significantly changed the industry composition of European equities, enhancing sector diversification relative to the market’s own history and to other major regions.
STOXX has launched an innovative index that allows a systematic investment in the best-performing mutual funds across various asset classes, bringing in a strictly rules-based alternative to active fund selection.
A recent report by Research Affiliates1 states that while momentum is one of the most compelling risk premia factors, there is a significant performance gap between theoretical and live results, with the latter proving considerably weaker.
Is now a good time to jump back into markets? We believe there is reason you might want to wait for the other shoe to drop.
The countdown to Britain’s yet-unmanaged departure from the European Union is causing anxiety across the country – with the stock market appearing as one noticeable exception. 
Axioma, the leading provider of enterprise risk management, portfolio management and regulatory reporting solutions, has added a new Emerging Markets risk model (AXEM4) to its Equity Factor Risk Model Suite.
The STOXX Global 1800 index gained 7.9% in dollars last month, its best monthly showing since November 2020. The index is still down 14.4% in 2022.
Qontigo has partnered with CEPRES, the leader in private market investment technology and data, to develop a suite of private market factor risk models for unique insights into private capital fund risk in multi-asset class portfolios.
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