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Er ist groß und enthält erfolgreiche Unternehmen aus Europa: Gerade für Einsteiger ist der Index eine gute Basis. Doch es gibt auch Risiken.
December 1, 2021 - Qontigo has announced the new composition of the STOXX Europe 600 Index.
Lyxor ETF Germany and Austria’s Head of Product Development & Engineering explains how the change in the underlying index for the Lyxor 1 STOXX® Europe 600 UCITS ETF means the fund now complies with sustainability labels and meets the responsible criteria of retail and institutional European investors.
The futures are the world’s most popular sustainability-focused derivatives and have seen increasing demand as investors and traders turn to ESG-compliant instruments to hedge and manage portfolios. The ESG derivatives space at Eurex has beaten records in daily and monthly traded contracts this year.
The contracts are part of an expanding family of sustainability-focused listed derivatives designed to tap increasing demand as investors turn to ESG-compliant instruments to manage portfolios.
The futures, part of the broader ESG derivatives family traded on Eurex, reach records as investors turn to ESG-compliant instruments to manage portfolios.
Qontigo has licensed the first STOXX Europe 600 Low Carbon Index to the Israel based More Mutual Funds Management to underlie an ETF, launched today on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
In this video, Melissa Brown, Qonitgo's Head of Applied Research, analyzes the performance of the new STOXX Europe 600 PAB and comapres it to the STOXX Europe 600 index.
Melissa Brown discusses the STOXX® Europe 600 Paris-Aligned Benchmark Index, and the strategy driving a higher return and lower volatility than its benchmark.
Qontigo has licensed the STOXX Europe 600 Paris-Aligned Benchmark Index to Franklin Templeton as an underlying for an ETF.
A research report examines the risk and returns, and factor contribution, of the new pan-Europe benchmark aligned with global warming targets.
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